• Consulting and design

Svecom P.E. is at the complete disposal of the customer to provide maximum technical support and to recommend the most suitable solution for his space and price needs.

SVECOM has always stood out for the avant-garde technological solutions of its products. This capacity for innovation derives from the constant attention paid to research, which arises from a careful and continuous examination of market demands, its evolutions and needs and is implemented through collaboration with the most prestigious universities, and in many cases also through partnerships with international companies.

Once the best alternative has been defined, our development team will proceed with the complete design of the parking system in accordance with the customer’s requests and the most recent regulations in terms of the Machinery Directive.

The SVECOM P.E. Srl it is the result of the research of materials, projects, production processes that are used to reach a certain level of quality and it is from this broader meaning that today we speak of “quality system” and “quality assurance”. The goal is to ensure full satisfaction of the customer’s needs by providing the expected quality in all phases: pre-sale, sale, use, post-sale.

  • Revamping

Thanks to the internal technical department, Svecom P.E. capable of revamping and restoring dated and / or non-functioning automatic systems and hoists.

Our staff is available to carry out verification inspections to evaluate the feasibility of a restoration both from a mechanical point of view and for electrical and software components.

Learn more about our revamping service for automated car systems on our service page.

  • Maintenance and assistance

Svecom P.E. Srl is able to offer the ordinary maintenance service of automatic and mechanical systems and in case of need it is also available to offer the 24-hour assistance service.