Rotating and translating platforms

We developed a type of translating system that allows you to take advantage of spaces that cannot be reached directly inside a garage; installing this type of platform with lateral or straight movement will optimize the spaces and create additional parking spaces.

In addition to this system, we also creates two different types of rotating platform; the first, designed for display areas, must be installed on the surface and has a height of 12 centimeters, the second instead is made with a very limited height and is used for the orientation of the car inside or outside one stable.

This model is an industrial product authenticated with the “CE” mark.

Technical information

The system is made with a motorized translating platform, its rigidity and conformation allow easy access with the car. The system allows, through translation, to park the cars laterally with respect to the garage entrance or to use a double row of parking spaces both longitudinally and transversally.

The plant consists of a hydraulic movement platform through a hydraulic power unit and movement piston, and is made of steel tube profile, sized to withstand the expected loads, and steel wheels with a central groove suitable for the directionality of the same through steel rails fixed to the floor which allow, besides the right movement, also a long duration in time. The push-button panel that will be applied inside or outside the garage that will use the platform will consist of No. 2 directional buttons, without restraint (right or left) and No. 1 emergency button as per the machinery directive.

Svecom also proposes the rotating system that allows, in difficult access situations, the maneuvering of cars in small garages. The movement is carried out either via a hydraulic system or via an electric motor, this to allow its use even outdoors.

It consists of a lower base obtained with electrowelded steel beams complete with plates and base plates for fixing and leveling in the floor. The plant is treated with fire-painting or hot-dip galvanizing procedures according to the customer’s requests

Customized solutions for every need.

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