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Parking lift mod. Epsilon

This model is suitable for companies or individuals who need to increase the number of independent parking spaces for each other, this system allows you to create numerous additional parking spaces in limited spaces. With this system, moreover, the user can safely withdraw his car without the need to move other cars.

Svecom can offer two versions of this system: the two-deck model that can also act as a simple car lift for a private individual or the three-deck model to be able to store up to 3 cars independently from each other.

Epsilon is the result of decades of experience and can be used both as a lift to transport cars from one level to another or it can be used as a doubler with independent seats and can store up to three cars at the same time.

This model is an industrial product authenticated with the “CE” mark.

Technical information

The “EPSILON” lifting system has developed from the increasingly high need to install a product that has the following requirements:

– absence of vibrations

– self-supporting system of the lift itself so as not to be tied to existing building structures.

The engineering of the structure and movements confers longevity and constancy of the same, thus creating an absolutely revolutionary product.

The hydraulic cylinders are controlled by a solenoid valve which, by means of a mechanical testing system, will allow the distribution of the fluid in absolute precision, thus allowing for a constant flatness of the loading surface. The various positioning stations of the platform (lifting, descent) will be determined by a mechanical and electrical stop.

The platform is moved by means of high mechanical resistance runners. The self-supporting uprights are anchored to the floor and in the upper part directly to the building to prevent overturning. The system moves vertically on a parallelepiped-shaped compartment and, thanks to the appropriate electronic and mechanical safety devices, stops on the zero floor and on the floor plus one.

The control unit consists of a double cavity sheet metal tank on which all the accessories and command and control devices of the control unit are installed. The pump of the control unit switches on at the beginning of each cycle and switches off in time, after each cycle end.

Customized solutions for every need.

If you think this type of parking is right for you and you want to request more details or to understand how it can be integrated by adapting it to your spaces and needs, fill out our contact form, a specialist will contact you as soon as possible. All of our mechanical and automatic parking solutions can be redesigned specifically for you. Write now!

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