Cantilever car lift

This model is included into the category of “independent” parking, which means that to being able to go out with the car the user does not need to take out the car positioned under the lift because the second parking platform allows the parking of the retractable car inside a specially pit compartment. The system in fact provides for the elevation of a car positioned on a galvanized sheet platform thus allowing you to park a second car underneath on the second floor.

Technical information

The plant consists of two mobile platforms for positioning and lifting the cars; the platform is hooked to two shoulders that act as an upright, the handling system is hydraulic.
The platform is equipped with a lifting system by means of two hydraulic cylinders which, thanks to the chains linked to the ends of the load-bearing shoulder, ensure the mechanical balancing of the platform.
The platforms are moved by means of high mechanical resistance runners. The self-supporting uprights are anchored to the floor and in the upper part directly to the building to prevent overturning. The system moves vertically on a parallelepiped-shaped compartment and, thanks to the appropriate electronic and mechanical safety devices, stops on the zero floor and on the floor plus one

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