The reduction of urban spaces and the growth of automobile production highlight both the need to protect the environment and architecture of every place and the need to solve the problems due to traffic with more efficient and more sustainable space management solutions.

The car doubler is a parking system that allows for the placement of one car on top of the other, in the space normally designated for a single parking space.

With these systems, there is no need to dig a housing pit, although it is possible to opt for this solution depending on the model chosen.

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Depending on the type of doubler, parking spaces can be duplicated or tripled.

These are systems that can be installed either inside the structure or outside, such as in garages, residential buildings, car dealerships car dealerships, service and rental car centers, and public and private parking lots.

Most garages, for example, are narrow and can only accommodate one car, but thanks to the doubler you can take advantage of the height and so, with the same surface area, you get 2 levels of parking, without the need for construction work.

The operation of the parking space doubler is the same for each model Svecom-P.E.:

  • the handling system is hydraulic
  • an electric motor converts hydraulic energy into mechanical energy.

The energy required to lift the load is transmitted by a pump with an electric motor that transports a liquid (the oil) into the hydraulic cylinders present inside of the mechanical parts of the system: these, in turn, act directly or indirectly, i.e., in thrust or traction, to cause the ascent or descent of the plant’s mechanical.

The oil contained in the cylinders is conveyed so that it takes on certain values of pressure and flow rate, distributing itself with absolute precision: in this way, the constant flatness of the platform.

Car doublers are divided into two categories:

  • parking with dependent removal: to exit with the car positioned on the upper platform, it is first necessary to pull out the car that is under the lift. Consequently, it does not involve excavation.
  • parking with independent removal: to exit with the car positioned on the upper platform there is no need to pull out the car positioned under the lifter, because the lower platform allows the car to be parked concealed inside a specially excavated compartment.

Our models of car doublers are:

  • Beta for box: falls into the dependent parking category and consists of a mobile platform balanced and hooked to the shoulders of two columns that act as a upright;
  • Epsilon with pit: with independent removal, it can be two-floor, acting as a simple car hoist for a private individual, or a three-floor one, which allows you to park up to three cars independently of each other.
  • Cantilever: also with independent removal, it provides for the facility to moves vertically on a parallelepiped-shaped bay and stops at the floor zero or floor plus one, depending on whether the car is to enter or leave the parking lot.

All types of Svecom elevator car doublers primarily address the need to optimize space and increase parking spaces: for this reason, the travel maximum reaches lower heights than those of car lifts.

As with the car hoist, however, the car doubler can provide man-over-board or man-over-ground system, while the roof cover is provided only for the Epsilon with pit.

Car doublers can be self-supporting or can be installed in support to the walls of the structure.

Each of our models comes with the CE declaration of conformity.

Maintenance of the car doubler is stipulated by law and is carried out every 6 months only by trained personnel.

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