Two side columns lift

Vertical freight transport system implemented by means of hydraulic cylinders installed on a push return system which allows to reach very high strokes; system with two lateral columns fixed to a concrete wall.
This type of system allows you to transport loads of up to 5,000 kg while keeping three sides free for loading and unloading the goods; this allows the lift to be used for many automatic handling applications and moreover, the construction concept allows to obtain high travel speeds.
Also available with installation of the “Man on Board” system

Technical information

Elevator with balancing system made by a shaft with return pinions, the flatness of the loading platform that is obtained is of high precision and there are no load-bearing side walls but only protective barriers to comply with the regulations currently in force.
The two columns can be mounted on the short or long side of the platform according to the needs and dimensions of the load, they are made up of large supporting profiles. The platform, made of electro-welded tubular and with almond-shaped sheet metal, is fixed to the columns on trolleys complete with bearings and runners.
At each floor stop, a push-button panel is installed on the floor complete with emergency button and presence light.

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