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Single column lift

The growing need to take full advantage of the spaces and volumes available, especially in elevation, has led technicians and designers to create an extremely versatile hydraulic lift, which had as its fundamental characteristic that of being installable in the most varied situations.

Here the synthesis of ideas gave birth to the line of single-column elevators, lifters characterized by a column capable of satisfying strokes in height up to 12 meters and whose characteristics guarantee solidity and robustness allowing the lifting of loads up to 2500 kg. As with the other models of freight elevators, the single column can also be supplied with the “man on the floor” system or with the “man on board” system.
The “light” version is also available, designed to meet price needs and needs to lift lower loads; this cheaper system can in fact reach a maximum capacity of 500 kg.

Technical information

The system consists of a mobile platform for the passage between the different floors; the platform is hooked to a shoulder that acts as an upright, the platform is equipped with a lifting system by means of a hydraulic cylinder with return chain. The hydraulic thrust cylinder is adjustable with a parachute block valve, suitably sized for the flow rate of the system.
The platform is moved by means of high mechanical resistance bearings. The post is anchored to the reinforced concrete wall. The system moves vertically on a parallelepiped-shaped compartment and through the appropriate electronic and mechanical safety devices stops at the different floors, on each stop floor there will be a push-button panel.
The platform is made of electro-welded tubular structure and covered with non-slip sheet metal duly treated on the surface.

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