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Scissor lift

The pantograph lifting system allows you to transport cars from one floor to another, the stroke that can be traveled with this system is linked to the sizing of the platform and the scissor system that allows lifting. The main feature of this system is that the platform is perfectly free and can therefore be installed in central areas or passageways.
Made with high quality materials and completely processed after the welding process, it can also be installed for display purposes.
All wheels, shafts and pinions are mounted on ball or roller bearings in order to ensure minimum friction and minimum maintenance, as well as maximum precision in movements.
Also for this product there is the possibility of installing the “Man on board” kit with which the driver, after parking the vehicle on the platform, can operate the system without getting out of his car. The cycle is started via the push-button panel without restraint.
This model is an industrial product authenticated with the “CE” mark.

Technical information

The elevator consists of a lower base obtained with electro-welded steel beams complete with plates and base plates for fixing and leveling the pit floor.
On this base is installed a cross pantograph, operated by two hydraulic cylinders equipped with speed regulator and fall arrest device. The hydraulic cylinders are controlled by a solenoid valve.
At the top of the pantograph, the upper base will also be installed, also made with electro-welded steel beams. On this base the platform with galvanized checkered plate is installed.
The entire lift will be controlled with the aid of a PLC.
The various platform positioning stations (lifting, descent) are ensured by electromechanical limit switches with adjustable cam interventions (mechanical adjustment). The 7.5 kW control unit is also equipped with a by-pass solenoid valve.
At each floor stop, a push-button panel is installed on the floor complete with emergency button and presence light.

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