Car lifts

Particularly functional for underground parking in city centers, the car lift can also be an elegant garage that disappears into the backyard, saving valuable space.

The car lift, also called a car elevator, is a platform in which the car is placed to transport it to different levels of parking, underground or elevated. The platform can be attached to:

  • two side columns anchored to a concrete wall
  • four columns placed at its corners, which is the ideal solution for heavier cars and longer runs
  • a scissor system underneath that makes it completely free on all four of its sides, making it perfect for mounting in transit or central areas (e.g., for display purposes such as in car dealerships)

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These residential or commercial smart parking systems can be installed inside any type of structure or outdoors, such as in apartment buildings, private villas, hotels, and manufacturing plants.

The classic ramp that provides access to garages or parking lots with a difference in height (located higher or lower than ground level) is replaced by a car elevator that, depending on the context, performs a certain function and fulfills a specific need.

Depending on the scenario in which it is placed, the car lift serves to:

  • optimize space
  • upgrade the area in which it is located
  • protect the car from vandalism or weather damage
  • reduce the exhaust emitted during parking operations
  • increase available parking spaces.

This last point assumes particular importance in those places where building renovations that would allow for more parking spaces are not possible, such as historic centers, precisely because they were not designed to accommodate cars. In this case, the solution of constructing underground parking facilities on several levels makes it possible to keep the old structure of the buildings intact and increases the number of places for cars; elevators for cars make it possible to connect these levels.

Even in large cities, the possibility of installing a smart parking system, and thus a car lift, is a huge advantage, because it not only allows you to always have free parking, but also avoids the stress of looking for it near your home and the cost of a ticket, when there is a fee.

Our types of car lifts, 2- or 4-column side and pantograph, have different features, but the operation is the same for all of them. They feature:

  • a hydraulic elevation system
  • a high-pressure hydraulic power pack

Hydraulic, or hydraulic pistons, composed of a cylinder and rod, have the function of moving the mechanical parts of car lifts: thanks to the pressure exerted by a fluid (in this case hydraulic oil) that is driven by an electric motor, they produce a displacement, allowing the rod to slide inside the cylinder.

The force that develops the cylinder along the direction of its extension can be in push or pull, depending on whether the oil pushes the stem outward or inward into the cylinder: in the former case, the car lift rises; in the latter, it lowers.

This hydraulic technology minimizes noise and vibration in the mechanical system.

In addition, car lifts differ in two important respects:

  • with or without a man on board
  • with or without a covering roof

In particular, the cover roof provided for the four-column model is the best choice when deciding to install the car elevator in the backyard.

Disappearing into the housing pit or underground garage, the car lift is invisible to the outside, but it can even blend in with its surroundings when the roof, i.e., the upper platform of the installation, is customized with the same flooring, such as the same garden tiles. It is a striking aesthetic effect, which not only adds elegance to the house, but also becomes a real safe for the car, protecting it from theft and vandalism.

Each of our models comes with the CE declaration of conformity.

Maintenance of the car lift is stipulated by law and is carried out every 6 months only by trained personnel.

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