Mechanical parking lots

We distinguish mechanical parking from automatic parking

Mechanical parking.

Created to move cars from the ground floor to a basement level: the latter can be simply designed to hold the vehicle or it can be a lay-by in which later the car has the opportunity to move freely.

Developing vertically, they are also an ecological solution in response to the planet’s problems, as they allow, on the one hand, more space to be given to the green areas of the city or home, and, on the other hand, to reduce the time and consequently the CO2 emissions used when searching for a parking space.

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Automated parking lots, on the other hand, are more complex and articulated: in fact, they are designed to move and manage a large number of cars by organizing the redistribution of vehicles and optimizing the space available.

Technologies for increasingly ECO cities

Space management is a social issue

If “space” is a necessity for all individuals, then space management, the optimization of limited common areas, is a community problem that the individual and society must constantly address.

Svecom Elevator presents itself as a possible solution to this problem by inserting itself in urban and private contexts with the offer of high quality and high efficiency mechanical systems.

From an idea of Giancarlo Marin, president of Svecom P.E., Svecom Elevator mechanical parking was born, the result of the company’s important know-how and the high quality that the technological chain is able to guarantee.

The best steel and carbon are processed in-house together with iron and then assembled together with high-tech sensors, transducers and safety devices to ensure the realization of a mechanical parking perfectly able to meet every need, expressed and not.

Range of solutions offered

Svecom Elevator offers a wide range of solutions suitable for various urban, private and industrial contexts. In our catalog we have available:

  • car lifts
  • hoists
  • car doublers
  • rotating platforms
  • translating platforms

Each type of mechanical parking can also be designed and built based on specific needs. Each project is therefore a product in itself, and each solution is highly customizable.

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We customize each of our creations to adapt to your needs.

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