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Triaxial parking system

Thanks to the versatility of automatic parking systems, we are able to adapt our systems to existing spaces and structures. We have several automatic parking solutions but basically the operation of the same consists in leaving the vehicle on special metal platforms that will pick it up and in the available spaces. The advantages of these structures lie in the fact that, even in minimal spaces, it will be possible to arrange numerous cars with very short entry and exit times.

The triaxial platform system is the ideal system to park your cars automatically on different levels. Cars will be parked and sorted on different levels without the use of driving lanes or access ramps.

The available parking space can be used more effectively. Costs and at the same time increasing the number of parking spaces available. In addition to the economic benefits, this automatic parking system offers a high level of safety and has a positive impact on the protection of the environment thanks to the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions emitted by circulating cars in search of a place to park.

Technical information

Each system has an access room equipped with equipment for detecting the size of the car stored in it and an RFID reading system to be used when storing and collecting your car. One or more vertical elevators act as a means of transport for the cars between the various levels that make up the system. The movement of the cars on the single level takes place through longitudinal and transverse movements; the management software also moves the cars outside normal work cycles in order to optimize the exit times of the cars, the software can also be supplied with the exit booking system of your car, made via the web.

Customized solutions for every need.

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