Semi automatic parking system

This type of system is designed to meet the increasingly frequent requests for systems that guarantee the user the simplicity and reliability of mechanical systems, the convenience and high technology of fully automatic systems, all at low cost.
This model is obtained by joining several mechanical systems together and managing their coordinated operation via software.
Unlike fully automatic systems in these structures, the user directly reaches the car parking area by parking his own on the free platform assigned to him; all subsequent movements made by the system both during insertion and extraction are controlled by the user who enables the movements and is responsible for the area.
The semi-automatic systems can be installed in rooms or spaces of any size and shape thanks to the modularity of the individual systems and the enormous possibility of customization.

Technical information

The front-loading parking allows you to take advantage of spaces that would normally be lost, because they are necessary for car maneuvers, thanks to the use of individually motorized translating platforms. These bases, sliding horizontally on special guides fixed to the pavement, allow the car to be parked both above them, thanks to the large load capacity, and beyond them, since they allow the passage of the car to move freely.
The normal operation of this system requires that the user, through a personalized code or his own badge, activates the system and can have direct access to the platform or the position in which he left his car. This allows the user to board the car and leave the garage without difficult maneuvers.
This system can also be developed vertically thus allowing a wider exploitation of spaces through the use of connected car stacker, whose configuration allows the platforms to be moved with the cars parked both vertically, using a pit if the ceiling is not sufficiently high, and horizontally through the linear translation of the platforms.

Customized solutions for every need.

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