Automated parking lots

Automated parking lots are realized, suitable for any environment

Each automated parking system is a complex technical project that provides mobility to all parked vehicles and allows us to extend the space available for parking our vehicles

Svecom Elevator, was created to make automated parking lots to provide for every situation and need

Svecom Elevator’s automated parking lots are state-of-the-art technological designs that can make parked vehicles mobile so that they can be moved flexibly to make efficient use of every parking space. Such a parking lot consumes from a minimum of 3 KW up to a maximum of 35 KW-it depends on the size of the cars to be transported and the speed of the elevator.

In areas where parking areas are scarce, or in places where standard parking lots cannot be built so as not to disfigure the uniqueness of the surrounding landscape, these new facilities are the only possible solution to optimize the available area and offer a useful service to the citizen.

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Optional automated parking lots

Each automated parking lot can be customized with several optional extras:

  • Digital portal and sensor card

Our automated parking lots are equipped with a digital portal that is accessed through an RFID card, which is provided to users who need to park. Each badge is linked to one parking space, but it is possible to link multiple badges to the same parking space in case the car or vehicle is used by more than one person, such as members of the same family.

  • Custom smartphone app

There is also a dedicated parking app from which it is possible to book a car pickup and view via smartphone the time remaining before the car is ready to be picked up from the automated parking lot.

Parking lots suitable for every public or private need

We can make automated parking lots:

  • Public
  • For businesses
  • Private

We tailor each project according to the size of the installation area and the type of vehicle to be parked. In addition to large enterprises and public spaces, our automated parking systems can also be created ad hoc for the private citizen who needs to shelter his or her car but does not have enough outdoor space and does not have the possibility of building a standard garage.

All types of automated parking systems from Svecom Elevator comply with the main European rules and regulations.

Depending on the size, automated underground parking lots and car silos are made

Automated parking

An automated parking lot (also called an automatic parking lot) is a structure that, thanks to sophisticated electromechanical systems, is able to stow vehicles and optimize the occupancy space of the cars that have to stay there. These are complex technical designs whose function is to mobilize vehicles quickly and conveniently without requiring human intervention to complete the parking operation.

Automated underground parking lots

Each car is parked above ground on platforms; once the panel is activated with the RFID card or with the dedicated smartphone app, the car will start to descend along with the platform until it reaches an underground parking space where each spot is numbered. The car will be parked in the nearest available spot.

Above-ground automated parking spaces

Unlike underground parking lots, automated above-ground parking lots have entrances at street level and allow each vehicle to be parked carefree and pulled out of the shed in a matter of minutes.

Automated car silos

Automated car silos are above-ground elevated parking garages that are vertically developed over several floors. They are usually accessed from entrances at street level, and the vehicle is placed on moving platforms that rise upward and, thanks to motorized systems, go to position the cars in the different floors used for parking vehicles.

How our automated parking lots work

Svecom Elevator makes four types of automated parking spaces, in none of which is there ever a human presence on board. As soon as the vehicle is left on the movable plate, the owner can enter the input data to start parking operations and then can drive away without worrying about getting back into the car. In fact, just for the safety and security of people, no access is allowed inside the shed.

We can realize:

  • Semi-automatic parking lots
  • Triaxial platform systems

Semi-automatic parking lots

Semi-automatic parking lots, differ from the other types because they have multiple access points in which to leave or pick up the car, and it is the user who directly reaches the parking area and places the car on the pad, which will then be mobilized by the system automatically. The systems operate with floating pads that move in three directions (upward, downward, and sideways).

Triaxial platform systems

Automated triaxial platform parking systems are the most complex and functional systems and maximize all handling dynamics; in fact, vehicles can be mobilized in any direction. The system is equipped with motorized wheels and sensors that precisely control vehicle positioning. Thanks to the presence of inverters, i.e., frequency converters, the acceleration and deceleration of the movable trays can be adjusted.

What happens in the event of a power failure?

Unlike mechanical car parks, where an escape route is provided in any case, in automatic car parks the driver is not expected to remain inside the vehicle, so in the event of a power failure there will be no anomaly whatsoever: once the power is restored, the entire mechanism will be back in operation, terminating the pending activity.

Examples of automated parking lots implemented by Svecom Elevator

Here are two projects carried out in the historic center for two major cities in Italy:

Verona: automated multi-story parking lot

In the historic center of Verona, we used the basement of an old building to create 21 parking spaces spread over three floors. The project is a perfect example of how to provide a historic building with new parking spaces through renovations. The access portal is located at street level, allowing easy access to the facility while maintaining the historic appearance of the structure.

Salerno: automatic parking with triaxial platforms

Svecom P.E. participated in the prestigious renovation project of the Palazzo dele Poste e dei Telegrafi by creating an automatic parking system for the cars of new residents in the historic center of Salerno. The structure was designed ad hoc and the work (from design to implementation), was completed within 1 year.

Not just customized automated parking systems

Svecom Elevator is much more: we also make mechanical parking systems, both standard and customizable:

Difference between automatic and mechanical parking systems

The main difference between these two types of parking systems is that in the former, the operation is fully automatic, while in mechanical ones, human intervention is required: parking will then require pressing a button until the parking operation is completed.

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We customize each of our creations to adapt to your needs.

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