System of automatic parking elevation Svecom


In last years, automatic parking systems are gaining ground in commercial and civilian sites, which have lower availability for the parking of vehicles. There are created sophisticated technologies that permit putting cars through the use of mechanical devices that optimize the spaces.


Thanks to the versatility of these parking systems, available in various sizes, you can adapt the vehicles and the spaces also on the basis of existing structures. In the market there are several automatic parking solutions, basically the operation is to leave the vehicle on special metal plates that will provide to pick it up and place it on the space available. The advantages of these structures are that, even in small spaces, it will be possible to accommodate many cars with a very short time.


The Svecom P.E. S.r.l. is a company specialized in automatic and mechanical parking, and elevators in general. Although in today's market there are many competitors companies, the Svecom P.E. S.r.l. remains always a fixed and stable point for all those who want to buy an automatic parking both nationally and internationally. Professionalism is given mainly by the service and the product offered to the customer, last but not least for importance, is not to neglect the constant maintenance of the facilities always ensured the correct efficiency and avoid unpleasant problems that can be avoided by preventing the breakdown.


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