Mod.OMEGALift 2 columns


The plant consists of a mobile platform for the transition between the different plans; the platform is coupled to two columns side by side on and placed on one side of the platform or in opposing fronts, positioned on two sides of the platform, completed with handling hydraulics system.

The platform is equipped with a balancing system through stabilizing bars that thanks to the chains placed at the ends of the pillars ensure the mechanical balance of the platform.

In the solution of  side by side columns it is necessary a supporting anchor while in the solution of opposing columns the system becomes self-supporting and needs only an anchor in the pit and a top rollover mounting.

The platform is suitable for transport of vehicles or goods with heights up to 18.000 mm. and payloads up to 4.000 kg.

All wheels, shafts and pinions are mounted on ball bearings or roller bearings in order to ensure the minimal friction and minimal maintenance, as well as the maximum precision in the movements.

Fundamental  features of this platform are: the small size of the pit deph, the stability of the movement, the equitable distribution of loads and the ability to install, among other options, the kit also "Man on board" and the driveway roof.


The Omega model is an industrial product authenticated with the "CE" brand.