Mod.GAMMA: Good lifts


The growing need to take full advantage of the spaces and the volumes available, especially in elevation, has led designers and engineers to create an extremely versatile hydraulic lift, which had as its key feature to be installed in various situations.

Here is a summary of ideas gave birth to the line "GAMMA", characterized by lifting with a column of telescopic type designed to meet racing in height up to 4.400 mm. in standard mode, and exceed 4.400 mm. up to 24.000 mm. in custom mode and payloads up to 2.000 kg.

The sliding of the various sectors of the column takes place through the support of guides with profiles and special bearings ball pre-greased bearings CR which give the lifter a very low noise level of movement, no vibration and, especially, the absence of lubrication.


The Gamma model is an industrial product authenticated with the "CE" brand and also by certifications of “man on board” type.