Mod.BETA:  Doubler Lift 20/25


This is the synthesis of parking solutions born from an industry specification.

It is an elevator for two dependent overlying cars, that wants to satisfy the necessity of installing the  bearing structure of the lift in the space that is not used for the operations of the car parking and especially not to occupy, with bulky structures, the useful space to get out of the car.

With this type of elevator, whose dimensions allow installation even in the normal parking spaces marked with white lines, are parked optimally two cars both indoors and outdoors.

The operation of the system takes place through the action of hydraulic cylinders with simple effect driven by a hydraulic unit.

The actuation of the system takes place through the continuous pressure of the button of ascent and / or descent of the hoist. In the "up" position of the platform, the action of the electromechanical locking devices ensures total security of the stability of the load, also the treatments of surface protection and the good finishes also ensure longevity and reliability of the product.      


The Beta model is an industrial product authenticated with the "CE" brand.