SVECOM P.E. S.r.l. ELEVATOR  is born from the desire of the properties of SVECOM P.E. S.r.l to diversify its production, historically dedicated to the world of paper.

The launch of the Elevator line flows into the thirty-years’ experience in manufacturing of electro-mechanical systems with a high degree of automation and security.

A team of engineers and technicians is working for many years to build equipment used successfully worldwide. SVECOM P.E. S.r.l has selected a network of relationships and partnerships with major domestic and foreign companies that allow an efficient sale and service coverage in South American, Asian, European and North American markets.

The company was founded in 1953 as “PICCOLO ESPANSIBILE”, also translated is SMALL EXPANDING and with the passage of the years has changed its name until the current denomination "SVECOM – P.E. S.r.l."


Reliability, technical competence and commitment have been and continue to be the main elements for its success which is growing during the years.

In 1985 the company moved to its new and current headquarters in Via della Tecnica while the original building in Via Callesella has been dedicated to its own heat thermal treatment Company (working as for Svecom either for third party Customers). The company structure employs a staff of over 150 employees, including executives, technical employees and skilled workers.


We have a sales and service network with representatives all over the world.



The culture of our company is founded on team spirit. SVECOM P.E. S.r.l is made up of men: the commitment, the correctness, the scruple, the professionalism of the people and the latest avant-garde technology are the winning combination of our society. For this SVECOM P.E. S.r.l rewards innovation, commitment and competence of its employees and collaborators, and implements training courses and professional upgrading courses for every level and job, because every employee is a resource that must be adequately supported and valued.



SVECOM P.E. S.r.l. is always recognized for avant-garde  technological solutions of its products. This capacity for innovation comes from the constant attention given to research, which comes from a careful and continuous examination of the demands of the market, its trends and needs, and is realized through the collaboration with the most prestigious universities, and in many cases through partnerships with companies of international level.



The product SVECOM P.E. S.r.l is the search for materials, devices, production processes that are used to achieve a certain level of quality and it is from this broad sense that today we speak of "quality system" and "quality assurance". The objective is to fully satisfy customer needs by providing the expected quality at all stages: pre-sale, sale, use, after-sales.